War Rocket Ajax #145: Talking Trash TV With The Creators Of ‘Trip Fantastic’
This week on War Rocket Ajax, we sit down with Derek Charm, Jason Baxter and Mac Hamilton, the creators of the incredible Trip Fantastic! There's a lot to talk about, from their affinity for lurid, splashy colors, their kickstarter success and the trials of making comics on the web, so naturally we just basically talk about Baywatch Nights for 45 minutes -- and you can listen to the whole show ri
The Jack Kirby Convention Sketchbook: NYCC Update
With the end of the New York Comic-Con, convention season has once again come to a close, and that means the end of another round of entries in my ongoing sketchbook. Schlepping this thing around the country is definitely one of the most fun things about conventions for me, even if my theme isn't quite as good as Gavin from 4thLetter, who has artists drawing "The Macho Man" Randy Savage
Derek Charm Embraces Gods, Monsters and Arm-Fall-Off-Boy [Art]
If Derek Charm enchanted you with his webcomic "Blood and Glitter," it's highly likely that his sketch library of Cylons and DC Comics characters will sprinkle some fairy dust on your brain's geek receptors as well. Yes, he can draw Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers to look like they just walked out of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon; but his DC love goes even further-like weird Legion character f
Link Ink: Don’t Call it a Reboot, Seven Soldiers of Animation and Multiple Vegetas
Movies: In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Executive producer Avi Arad says that The Amazing Spider-Man isn't necessarily a cinematic reboot. Zuh, fwah?! It's totally a reboot, though. Software: If you were seeking some of the functionality of Poser Pro 3-D modeling software, but couldn't get past its $500 price tag, at $50 with some of the same mojo the new Poser Debut may be for you..