Take To The Skies With Tyson Heese's 'Diesel: Ignition'
Tyson Hesse's Diesel is a bright and accessible steampunk series featuring flying cars, airships, and adventures starring a plucky young girl out to prove herself worthy of her father's legacy. Later this month, Boom Studios will publish the series' first original graphic novel, Diesel: Ignition and the publisher has provided us with an exclusive first look inside!
Exclusive: Tyson Hesse Take to the Skies with 'Diesel'
Boom Box, the imprint from Boom Studios that encourages creators to let loose with their wildest ideas, has been on an incredible roll recently. New comics from artists and writers like Noelle Stevenson, John Allison, Ryan North, and Jake Lawrence have seen the imprint go from strength to strength, in many cases taking some of the best webcomics talents out there and bringing them into print. That streak looks set to continue, as ComicsAlliance can exclusively announce that webcomic creator Tyson Hesse will brings his series Diesel to Boom for a four-issue miniseries in September. The story of a young girl and her airship, the series follows Dee Diesel in a coming-of-age story set high up in the skies. The daughter of a world-famous pilot, she's grounded when her greatest rival takes her father's airships and zips off into the clouds. All seems lost until, from nowhere, a mysterious new ship crashes down in front of her and offers her the chance to fly. It's a beautiful, brilliant story, and ComicsAlliance got to speak to Hesse about how it got off the ground.
Diesel x DC Comics Boxers Feature Superpowers of Their Own! [Video]
Design company Diesel collaborated with DC Comics to create a selection of men's boxers for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, featuring some of DC's finest. However, unlike standard comic apparel, these boxers go beyond simple screenprinted designs and appear to have superpowers of their own, from heat-activated images to armor detailing that appears after multiple wears and washes...
Cult Youth Chinese Indie Comics Collective is so Young, Cultural [Video]
Commissioned by culture website Dazed and fashion label Diesel as part of their Diesel New Voices initiative, Cult Youth is a film about Chinese cartoonists with a passion for avant-garde comics. The short documentary earned funding by identifying a youth "micro-culture" that demonstrated positive social impact by "going against the grain, and forging a shared identity through oppos
Diesel Superhero Underwear Strips Down Its Heroes
A few of Diesel's underwear models come with names and descriptions that make them sound like supporting cast members from a "Batman XXX" sequel, but that's probably because the clothing company wants you to believe that their Fresh and Bright underwear can grant you super sexual powers...
Smell Like Tony Stark With the Iron Man Cologne
Among the many marketing moves that tie into the upcoming blockbuster-to-be "Iron Man 2" is a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Diesel to make -- wait for it -- Iron Man cologne. The limited edition "natural spray" will retail for $67, and is essentially a repackaging of Diesel's "Only the Brave" scent in a container that makes me feel like a pimp Ronald McDonal
Gadget Crossover: The “Two-Face” Watch
Diesel recently released what they call the "Frankenwatch," a timepiece that combines the faces of two watches to make one "Freak of Nature," complete with a half-leather, half-metal wristband. As this is, literally, a "Two-Face" watch, it is hard not to make the obvious comparison: