Best Webcomics Ever (This Week) 1.15.12
There are some excellent offerings in this week's round-up, so I hope you're prepared to waste some valuable time online after reading this post. Wait, what am I saying?! You clearly do if you're reading these words. Stupendous!
I know I mention a handful of the same webcomics each wee…
Link Ink: Eisner Burns, Hot Zombies, and Stark Slurpees
Webcomics: "Diesel Sweeties" ponders what it means to be "adult," in comics and in life:

TV: If you enjoyed the JSA appearance on "Smallville" earlier this season, good news! They'll be back for the season finale.
Eisners: The roundups and reviews of the Eisner nominatio…
BBC Profiles Bangladeshi Women Making Diesel Sweeties Toys
Over at the BBC there's a profile of Hathay Bunano, a company that hires women in remote Bangladeshi villages at fair rates to make hand-knitted goods for western companies -- including Red Robot plush toys for the webcomic Diesel Sweeties.
At the moment the women are working on finger puppets o…