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What Do We Lose When A Comic Doesn't Have Its Own Artist?
Recently, the subject of rotating art teams in superhero comics reached a tipping point, and people have started to wonder if the concept does more harm than good in the long run. With double-shipping in superhero comics becoming more prevalent and artists’ contributions are becoming seen as interchangeable, it’s important to stop and ask: Are rotating artistic creative teams good for comics in the long-run, or does it start us down a path of recognizing the writer’s contributions as inherently more important to the finished product?
Teen Titans #2 & 3 [Preview]
Benjamin Percy's new Teen Titans book launched as part of DC Rebirth has had a bit of tumultuous time after losing its ongoing penciller Jonboy Meyers after the first issue. However, the title is on track and DC has provided us with a first look at the second and third issues featuring art by Diogenes Neves and new ongoing artist Khoi Pham, as Damian attempts to lead the team against the forces of his grandfather and The League of Assassins.
‘Demon Knights': The Most Compelling Fantasy in the DC Universe
"Epic" is a word that's often thrown around before the phrase "sword and sorcery," probably because when there are wizards with white beards of formidable length abnd enchanted arms and armor and taverns that serve ale in wooden tankards, the stories that will follow are rarely succinct...