The Mickey Mouse Disco Dance Party Album
Thanks to Boing Boing, I recently learned about the very real 1979 album "Mickey Mouse Disco," an odd artifact starring the popular cartoon and comics mouse that was released by Disneyland Records during the tail-end of the disco era. The album included both Disney verions of popular disco songs, and disco versions of popular Disney songs, which means that you get songs like "Macho
Superheroes Who Should Be on 1970s Vans
Creators have been thinking up all-new superheroes for decades, and the fact that many of our iconic heroes came out of the '30s, or '60s, and yes, even the '70s, is a big part of why they need to get updated once in a while. Still, there are some characters that never quite manage to transcend their origins, and as much as I love Dazzler -- I love her -- she is a distinct product of 1970s cultur