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'Star Wars Rebels' Reveals 'Rogue One' Easter Eggs
Star Wars Rebels has already cemented a major Rogue One connection ahead, though fans of either might have caught the various easter eggs sprinkled throughout this weekend’s film. Now, Lucasfilm reveals a closer look at said Rebels cameos, while producers discuss revisiting Rogue One in a fut…
'Star Wars Rebels' Reintroducing 'Rogue One's Saw Gerrera?
Star Wars fans taking in Rogue One this weekend may have noticed some surprising connections to the animated iterations of a galaxy far, far away, including multiple Rebels easter eggs and a notable Clone Wars connection. That connection may get much more overt, as new promo art reportedly places Sa…
'DuckTales' Reboot Reveals David Tennant and All-Star Cast
DuckTales fans probably think about that iconic theme more-so than anyone notable names among the original cast, but the 2017 Disney XD reboot has you covered either way. Not only is David Tennant our new Scrooge McDuck, but so too do SNL and NBC stars debut in a new video singing that famous theme!
'Big Hero 6' Sequel TV Series Sets New and Returning Cast
It still remains to be seen if Disney and Marvel’s Big Hero 6 will ever get a second life in theaters, but the upcoming 2017 animated continuation is no slouch when it comes to casting. Not only will stars like Maya Rudolph and Scott Adsit return, so too will Sherlock and The Walking Dead sta…

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