Batman Investigates the City’s Secret History in ‘Gates of Gotham’ [Preview]
On sale now is the first issue if Batman: Gates of Gotham, a new five-part miniseries written by Scott Snyder & Kyle Higgins with artwork by Trevor McCarthy. Hotly anticipated by fans of Snyder's impressive work on Detective Comics, Higgins' excellent origin story for the Nightrunner, the Batman of Paris, and McCarthy's superlative artwork throughout his career, Gates of Gotham finds members o
Why Dustin Nguyen is Too Awesome (Really) [Art]
The problem we have with Dustin Nguyen is that he's too awesome. We don't mean that in the typical Internet hyperbolic sense -- because how could a comic book artist be too awesome? -- but in a very practical sense that impacts the work we do here at ComicsAlliance...
Dustin Nguyen’s Characters Cop a Lot of Attitude
A lot of great artists out there like Eiko-Chan do their own thing while pulling off some of the same fun tricks that Dustin Nguyen integrates into his comics work. Ultimately, however, there is only one Dustin Nguyen, and whether you're looking at his published Batman work or the commissions he churns out during convention season, you know that he gets what physical attitude is all about... Read