Edgar Rice Burroughs

Kreegah! Bundolo! A History Of Tarzan In Comics
Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs and premiering in the October 1912 issue of pulp magazine The All-Story, Tarzan of the Apes has become one of the most well-known heroes in fiction. He's been in hundreds of films, novels and video games, with the latest film, The Legend of Tarzan, hitting theatr…
Preview 'Tarzan In The City Of Gold' By Burne Hogarth
"Aware that he was going to work for a competing syndicate, Foster sought to leave Tarzan on such an artistic high note that he would be impossible to replace.
"He hadn't reckoned on 25-year-old Burne Hogarth."
That passage from Scott Tracy Griffin's introduction to Tarzan In The City …