The Black Cat’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Game Look Revealed
So far Activision and Beenox's promos for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man game have been all about the animals, showing off images and video of Spidey foes the Rhino, the Iguana and a giant bug-like robot or two. Newly released images of Black Cat continue this animal trend, although instead of being a crazy killer mutant, this potential frenemy seems animal in name only...
Roundtable Review: ‘Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat’ #1
ComicsAlliance writers Laura Hudson, Chris Sims, David Brothers, and David Uzumeri sit down for a roundtable discussion about the newly released "Amazing Spider-Man: Black Cat" #1. WARNING: SPOILERS FOLLOW. David B: Recap time! "Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat" #1 (of 4) is writer Jen Van Meter, artist Javier Pulido, and colorist Matt Hollingsworth's stab at telling a