Comic Strip Shocker: Women Still Marginalized!
Brace yourself, readers, because this may be tough to believe! The Daily Cartoonist reports on a paper presented to the American Sociological Association that discusses the role of female characters in newspaper comics. The paper examined a full year's worth of strips from "Beetle Bailey," "Blondie," "Dilbert," "Family Circus," "Garfield," and &quo
Law of Averages: The Layout of ‘Garfield’ Broken Down
A funny thing happened when David McLeish of parody/mashup site "Square Root of Minus Garfield" (not to be confused with "Garfield Minus Garfield" averaged the colors of every non-Sunday Jim Davis "Garfield" strip from 2007 - the compiled material revealed a pretty compelling...
Garfield Fights Crime With Sloth, Gluttony and Cuteness
Even though I take my share of shots at the graveyard that is the newspaper funnies page, thanks to the lively wit of The Comics Curmudgeon, I'm often reminded that a few cute strips defy logic by retaining some semblance of reader appeal. I hate to admit this, because it reminds me of my insufferable humanity, but I've enjoyed the past few days of superhero-themed "Garfield" strips by J
Missouri Church Craves Lasagna, No More Mondays
In yet another unsettling instance of comics crossing over into the mainstream, the Blue Springs Assembly has asked the Lord, in all His infinite wisdom, to permit eighteen hours of sleep per day, smiting of idiot canines, superior spider-killing kung fu, and cheap shipping rates to Abu Dhabi...
Link Ink — [Redacted] Is Back!
-SPOILER ALERT! A major DC character is coming back after being "killed" in 2006, and there's speculation that it may have to do with a favorable copyright ruling for DC a year after his "death." Of course, this character is far from the first (or hundredth) superhero to miraculously rise from his grave at convenient and potentially lucrative moments...