Generation Zero

Get Hassled By the Man In 'Generation Zero' #2
In its first issue of Generation Zero, Fred Van Lente and Francis Portela kicked off a story of teenagers in trouble by including everything that today's #teens are into. There's stuff like text messaging, parties out in the woods, conspiracies, urban renewal, weaponized geometry, anagrams. You know, everything the kids these days enjoy. When the book hits its second issue next month, though, the danger of the corner men and the sinister motivations behind Rook, and Michigan's rebirth as a technological suburban paradise, are going to go even deeper. Check out a preview below!
The Online Revolution Begins In 'Generation Zero' #1 [Preview]
I'm pretty excited about virtually any new comics project from Fred Van Lente, but I'll admit that I've been having a little trouble getting an idea of what Generation Zero, the new book from Valiant by Van Lente and Francis Portela, is all about. Really, the only thing I knew was that it was going to feature someone spraypainting a school bus, and really, that could be anything from wacky high school hijinx to something that happens during the Purge. Now that I've read a preview and gotten a look at the solicitation, though, I think I get the high concept: It's The A-Team for #millennial #teens. Check out a preview!