‘Get Your War On’ Returns to Take Aim at Obama’s War
For some members of what the American media calls Generation Y (I prefer Generation Remix), our twenties were made more bearable by the brilliant work of David Rees in Get Your War On. Simultaneously cathartic, depressing and hilarious, the strip composed of clip art and office banter synthesized our thoughts and feelings about the United States' "War on Terror" in Afghanistan and Iraq..
Jamba Juice Rips Off ‘Get Your War On’
David Rees, who created the scathing post-9/11 clip art webcomic "Get Your War On," recently brought our attention to a Jamba Juice advertising campaign that totally, totally rips off the strip. I don't just mean it uses stock images in a similarly ironic fashion, I mean that it uses exactly the same clip art in exactly the same way...