Holiday Gift Guide: The Instant Gratification of Digital Comics

Digital Comics From Comixology
Available From: Comixology
Price: (See below)
The window for buying Christmas gifts is rapidly closing, and we're finally at the point where a lot of shopping is out of the question. Most physical stores have regressed into miniature Bartertowns where ownership of that ne…
Holiday Gift Guide: ‘Regular Show’ Wrestling Buddies
Regular Show Wrestling Buddies
Available From: Toys R Us
Price: $27.99 each
If you need to buy a gift for someone who is very difficult to buy presents for, but also happens to be a 30 year-old small child who is super into Regular Show and pro wrestling, there is an elegant solution to your problem: a…
Holiday Gift Guide: The Best of Archie Books One And Two
The Best of Archie Comics Book 1 and Book 2
Available From: Amazon / / Your local comic book store
Price: $9.99 each, or $17 for the set at
Between the $40 pinboards, the $35 mugs and the occasional $1,000 framed sketch of Batman riding a unicorn, this year's gift…
Holiday Gift Guide: Superhero Pinboards
Superhero Pinboards
Available From: Pottery Barn Kids
Price: $39.00
For comic book fans, art is always a pretty safe choice for gift-giving, but as great as it is to have an original of Batman riding a unicorn or whatever, the major flaw is that you are not generally encouraged to stick things into it …
Holiday Gift Guide: The Batman Snuggie Now Has A Cowl

The Batman Hooded Cozy
Available From: Amazon
Price: $31.99
If you followed along with last year's gift guide, you may recall my endorsement of the Batman Blanket-With-Sleeves, a product that I actually own (because of course I do). Apparently, the intervening year has seen a comfy arms race with the F…
Holiday Gift Guide: The Mega Man E-Tank Mug
The E-Mug
Available From: FanGamer
Price: $34.00
If you're like me, then actually waking up and getting to work is one of the hardest parts of your day. Sometimes, you just don't have the energy to roll out of bed, slide underneath a crushing row of spikes, call on your robot dog to cross a c…

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