The Comics Page: Gary Spencer Millidge
Just in case, you've been wondering whatever happened to Gary Spencer Millidge, the MIA creator of, arguably, one of the best indy comics ever published -- the very British mystery series Strangehaven -- you'll be glad to know he's still alive, and intends to finish his masterwork som…
Are The Ultimate Fantastic Four Afraid of Ghosts?
Press Release
Sue Storm's jet crashes in the frozen wastelands of Siberia in Ultimate Fantastic Four #47, kicking off Ghosts, a brand new three-part story arc by acclaimed writer Mike Carey (X-Men) and fan-favorite penciler Mark Brooks (Ultimate Spider-Man Annuals)
HarperCollins Risks Bankruptcy, Publishes Zot!
There are some actors who have the reputation of being a "show-killer." As soon as they're brought on board a television show, the program is doomed for failure. So when you tally up the roll call of show-killers, we have a new addition to stand alongside such illustrious members as Sean M…
This Week’s New Releases and Recommendations
Welcome to another Wednesday Thursday! We're rocking the New Releases and Recommendations post in a new fashion today. Indies vs. Superheroes! Greg McElhatton vs. Kevin Panetta! The Fight o' the Century!
In this corner! Representing indie comics...
Fans Choose Dreamland Chronicles as Favorite OGN
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Just a month after the online serialization of Scott Christian Sava's acclaimed THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES reached its 2 millionth unique reader, both the book and its creator were honored by fans in the 2007 Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Awards
PFP Debuts Animated Short at 2007 San Diego Comic-Con
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Penny-Farthing Press (PFP) jumps into the world of animation! Along with exclusive convention specials and author signings, PFP will debut their new animated short, The Loch: Threats From Above. Specially priced and packaged with a companion Loch comic book, it¹s the not-to…
Impact Books Seeks Undiscovered Talent!
Press Release
Impact Books, the how-to write and draw comics, graphic novels, manga and fantasy art imprint of F+W Publications, Inc., is giving unpublished and undiscovered artists a chance to have their artwork featured in an upcoming book

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