Tamaki & Leon Launch 'Hulk' Series Starring Jennifer Walters
Like many of us, Jennifer Walters hasn't had the best 2016. She was critically injured and left comatose in a fight with Thanos, and woke up to discover her cousin Bruce had been killed by Hawkeye, and her friends were now split into a second Civil War. This December, critically acclaimed writer Mariko Tamaki will explore the trauma Jen is experiencing along with artist Nico Leon in a new ongoing series simply titled Hulk.
Relive Wolverine's First Appearance With Sideshow's New Statue
To say Wolverine's comics debut was run of the mill is a tad offensive to all those mills out there, running. It wasn't until he was added to the roster of the X-Men that Wolverine gained any kind of status in the Marvel Universe, let alone among fans. Still, the Canadian mutant's history can all be traced back to his one-off appearance in the Incredible Hulk in 1974, and as such, the Hulk and Wolverine have been tethered to one another throughout their histories. The battle between the pint-sized pugilist and the green goliath has been well-documented in a number of mediums, but never before have we seen artist Ariel Olivetti capture it. Nor have we seen him capture it in statue form. Until now!
The Replacements: Bruce Banner And The Legacy Of The Hulk
Since the dawn of the Silver Age, legacy characters have been a staple of superhero fiction, and having a new character step into a well loved role can open up new opportunities for writers and artists to tell different kinds of stories. In The Replacements, we’ll look back at some of the most notable and not-so-notable heroes and villains to assume some of these iconic mantles. Bruce Banner may have been the first person cursed to become the rampaging beast known as The Hulk, but over the years a Hulk Family of sorts has sprouted up with friends, enemies and children carrying on his legacy.
Mark Ruffalo Is Already Done Filming ‘Thor: Ragnarok’
Taika Waititi didn’t have footage to show from Thor: Ragnarok during Marvel’s Comic-Con panel a couple of weeks ago (though he did show a delightful short film) — you know, since he’s only been filming the sequel for about a month. So it might seem a little surprising that Mark Ruffalo has already wrapped his part in the upcoming film, which sees the Hulk teaming up with Thor for what the actor has described as a buddy road movie. Is Ruffalo’s part smaller than we thought?
Lego Marvel Superheroes Pits Green Hulks Against Red Hulks
Since acquiring licenses for both DC and Marvel Super-Heroes, Lego has been slowly expanding its line from iconic heroes like Superman and Spider-Man to more beloved fan-favorites such as Scarlet Spider and Captain Marvel. Next year sees the arrival of a few familar faces from the Hulk family of characters as the Green and Red sides go to war.
Rogues' Gallery: The Hulk's Top Ten Villains
A hero is defined by their villains, and the world of superhero comic books is filled with some of the scariest and silliest bad guys around. Rogues’ Gallery aims to settle the score and determine who is the true arch-nemesis for some of favorite superheroes, and we need your help to do it! You voted to see who The Hulk‘s ultimate arch-enemy was, and we’ve tabulated the results and assembled a video counting down the definitive top 10. Did your favorite make this list? There’s only one way to find out!
Mark Ruffalo Teases Hulk and Banner ‘Collision’ in ‘Thor 3’
Last year, Mark Ruffalo hinted that Thor: Ragnarok might finally let Bruce Banner and the Hulk interact with each other on the big screen. It’s something that’s occasionally happened in the Marvel comics, but we’ve yet to see the MCU take a crack at it — likely because it requires a bit of clever thinking: not only do they need to cook up a cool way to present it to audiences, but it needs to come from an organic place. That place may very well be Ragnarok.
Superhero Color Theory: Secondary Characters
Last time in Superhero Color Theory we explained why our main heroes look the way they do. Now it's time to look at the secondary colors and how they often, but not always, signal the presence of a bad guy. Obviously it makes the most sense visually, that to stand apart from a primary colored (red/blue/yellow) hero, you want a secondary colored (purple/green/orange) one. But what do these colors tell us about what type of character the heroes are encountering?
Rumor: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Adds Some ‘Planet Hulk’ to the Mix
Typically, we approach rumors with a healthy amount of skepticism, as so many of them ultimately turn out to be false. But the latest report on Thor: Ragnarok echoes a very similar rumor from earlier this year, which reveals how Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is introduced in the sequel and what brings him together with Chris Hemsworth’s mighty thunder god. It also suggests that the previously abandoned Planet Hulk story line may have found its way into Ragnarok — if only just a teensy tiny little bit. Potential spoilers ahead, obviously.
The Heavy Hitter: Celebrating the Legendary Herb Trimpe!
Over a career that spanned seven decades, Herb Trimpe compiled a singularly impressive CV and earned a reputation as one of the medium’s most distinctive and reliable professionals. He was one of Marvel's first-string creators for many years, he was the first person to draw Wolverine for publication, he launched Marvel’s iconic G.I. Joe series, he pencilled long runs of offbeat titles like Godzilla and Shogun Warriors, and he defined the look of The Hulk for a generation of readers.

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