The Creators Of ECCC 2013 [Photo Gallery]
Where some conventions skew more toward pop culture than comic books, this past weekend's Emerald City Comicon 2013 stocked Seattle with hundreds of prominent creators from every corner of the medium. ComicsAlliance was on hand to catch the faces behind the funnybooks as they met fans, signed comics and worked on commissions...
BOOM! To Serialize Paul Jenkins & Humberto Ramos’ Kickstarter Success ‘Fairy Quest’
One of the early comic book successes of the Kickstarter crowd funding platform was Fairy Quest: Outlaws, the first in a planned series of short graphic novels created by industry veterans Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos. The pair, who'd collaborated previously on a popular run of Marvel Comics' Spectacular Spider-Man, proposed a lavishly illustrated story about a world where fairy tale characters
Spider-Man Gets His Own Teenage Sidekick This August in ‘Alpha’
As though Spider-Man wasn't already busy enough with the Future Foundation, the Avengers, solo super-heroism and his regular job at Horizon Labs, it looks like he's about to take on yet another responsibility. In this August's Amazing Spider-Man #692, Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos are introducing Alpha: a sidekick for Marvel's flagship hero...
‘Fanboys Vs. Zombies’ Brings the Undead to Comic-Con [Preview]
On sale this week from BOOM! Studios is Fanboys Vs. Zombies #1, beginning a new ongoing comedy series that imagines our beloved Comic-Con International in San Diego as the site of a violent zombie outbreak. Written by Sam Humphries (Our Love Is Real, Ultimate Comics Ultimates) and drawn by Jerry Gaylord, the book is something of a love letter to Comic-Con culture, if love can be expressed in the f
Why Marvel’s ‘Spider Island’ Shouldn’t Work — And Why It Definitely Does
"Spider Island" shouldn't be good. I mean, when you get right down to it, there's nothing about it that seems like it would work: Throwback villains, a big high concept involving three other franchises and a handful of second-stringers that get their own mini-series, tie-ins from characters that are related purely by the narrow geography of the Marvel universe, it all sounds like it sho

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