HULK SMASH DEADLINE: 11 Artists Complete Marvel’s ‘Incredible Hulk’ #2
Let it never be said that Marvel Comics doesn't take deadlines seriously. Okay, it will probably be said in the future, possibly on this website, but the venerable superhero publisher took what for many fans would seem like dramatic measures to honor next week's on-sale date for The Incredible Hulk #2, which was completed by no fewer than 11 credited pencilers and inkers...
Greg Pak: The ‘Incredible Hulk’ Exit Interview
During his five-year tenure as the primary writer of the Incredible Hulk, Greg Pak took the character through a series of epic battles, starting on the war-torn planet Sakaar and ending with an all-out brawl for the fate of his friends and family, with more than its fair share of massive battles between them...
‘Incredible Hulk: A XXX Porn Parody’ to Exist
digg_url = '//'; tweetmeme_url = '//'; tweetmeme_source = 'comicsalliance'; When fellow ComicsAlliance editor Caleb Goellner asked, "Hey, wanna hit this Hulk porn thing...
Arizona Legislation Prompts Photos of Immigrants As Superheroes
Superman, Mr. Fantastic and Wonder Woman don't have to worry about wiring their salaries home to support a struggling family, but some immigrants face such challenges on a weekly basis, and the demands of these jobs inspired an entire series of costumed subjects for a photographer connected to immigration issues and angered by a recent law in Arizona demanding that state and local law enforcement
“Puny Humans. I’ve Come to Smash.” A Review of ‘World War Hulk’ and Its Various Tie-ins (Part 1)
There are three things that you should probably know about the Hulk. The first thing is that when he gets angry he smashes things. The second thing is that he was shot into space by The Illuminati (Dr. Strange, Reed Richards, Black Bolt and Iron Man) in a spaceship and he became king of a gladiator planet and his ship eventually exploded and killed millions of people, including Hulk's queen and h