Jason Muhr

'Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets' #1 [Preview]
Everyone loves a good odd couple, but Marvel Comics might have come up with the ultimate embodiment of the tried and tested trope, as this December, Doctor Strange and The Punisher team-up in their own miniseries. Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets #1 by John Barber, Andrea Broccardo & Jason Muhr throws the two fan-favorites up against a mystical mafia, and Marvel has provided us with a first look at the debut issue.
'Voracious': Naso And Muhr Talk Dinosaur Sandwiches
In February, Action Lab Entertainment's Voracious debuted under the tagline, "Top Chef meets Jurassic Park." Needless to say, we were intrigued. The series tells the story of chef Nate Willner revitalizing his career by using time travel technology he inherited from his uncle to cook and serve dinosaur meat in the present day, and it's been a success both for Action Lab and for indigenous representation in comics. ComicsAlliance talked with writer Markisan Naso and artist Jason Muhr about the book's influences, the research involved, and handling another culture's representation with care.
'Voracious' Is The Dinosaur Cooking Comic You've Been Missing
Every now and then, a comic comes along with a premise that is so fantastic, so pure, that you just have to stop and appreciate it for its simple beauty; so simple and perfect that you can't believe it has never happened before. And friends, Markisan Naso and Jason Muhr's Voracious is one of those books, because Voracious is a book about a chef who uses a time machine to cook dinosaurs. The series is set to start in February from Action Lab with an oversized first issue, but if you would like to weep at the majesty of a perfect idea, then check out a preview below!