Jason Shawn Alexander

There's Nowhere To Hide In 'Frostbite' #4 [Preview]
Joshua Williamson, Jason Shawn Alexander and Luis NCT's Vertigo series Frostbite has been one of the most interesting crime and sci-fi debuts of the year, set in a world ravaged by a new ice age where the only thing deadlier than the gangs is the disease that can freeze you from the inside out. Next week, things get even more tense as threats begin to close in from all sides, and DC Comics has provided us with a preview of Frostbite #4.
The New Ice Age: Jason Shawn Alexander On 'Frostbite'
Today sees the debut of Joshua Williamson and Jason Shawn Alexander's brand new Vertigo series Frostbite. Set in the near future after the dawn of a New Ice Age, humanity strives to carry on and make the best of it despite a deadly contagious disease that turns people into living statues made of ice. ComicsAlliance spoke to Alexander about his process and world building, and we have exclusive design pages from the artist, complete with notes on how he works and reworks pages to find the structure he's looking for.
Joe Keatinge On 'Adventures Of Superman' [Interview]
Over the past year, DC's digital Adventures of Superman anthology has played host to some of the most exciting creative teams working in comics today. With the current story, though, the scale of the whole project has gotten much bigger in both creative team and subject matter. Writer Joe Keatinge has been joined by an incredible roster of talent that includes Ming Doyle, Brent Schoonover, Dave Wi
Abe Sapien Arrives in His Own Miniseries
Press Release Hellboy creator Mike Mignola teams up with Eisner-nominated artist Jason Shawn Alexander (Damn Nation, The Secret, The Escapists) for a five-part miniseries featuring Abe Sapien, the second most popular character from Mignola's Hellboy books, on his first solo assignment ...