Jean-Francois Beaulieu

'Rocket Raccoon' #1 Brims With Life And Humor [Review]
I promise I mean this in the best possible way: Writer/artist Skottie Young and colorist Jean-Francois Beaulieu's Rocket Raccoon #1 reads like a comics version of a LucasArts computer adventure game. I realize that comparisons like that can be a backhanded insult. Saying that one piece of media is like another is an indirect way of saying it's derivative or wears its influences too clearly on its sleeve. That isn't what I'm trying to say here. What I mean is that Rocket Raccoon has a particularly appealing sense of humor to it, a specific style to its art, and its characters -- even those that appear in the margins -- feel alive.
Artist Skottie Young Concludes Award-Winning Work On Marvel’s ‘Oz’ Adaptations
It may not have drawn headlines like some of the other comics series out there, but Marvel's Oz series of adaptations of Frank L. Baum's books, has been going strong for almost six years, earning critical acclaim, Eisner Award honors and placement on the New York Times' Bestsellers list. Perhaps most auspicious of all, the Oz series maintained the same creative team throughout its entire run, a fe
Devil’s Due Publishing November 2007 Solicitations
Sheena #6 Frequency of Publication: Monthly Ongoing Series Retail Price: Cover A/B/C - $3.50 Author: Robert Rodi (Rogue, Loki, Elektra) Concept by Steven E. De Souza (Die Hard screenplay writer) Artist: Matt Merhoff Cover Artists: A – Joe Jusko B – Ryan Odagawa C – Tim Seeley Her identity established, the enemy identified, and the goal set...