MONSTERS Project: Jeffrey Brown Draws a Caffeine-Powered Frankenstein
The MONSTERS Project continues with a piece of original art by Jeffrey Brown, the indie creator best known for his work on "Clumsy," "Incredible Change-Bots," and most recently, "Undeleted Scenes." He illustrated an image of a modern Frankenstein's monster who finds himself brought to life by something darker and more powerful than anything the novel imagined: coffee
MoCCA 2007 Offers Singular Reading Experiences
Day one of the sixth annual Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art festival (MoCCA) in NYC was great fun, with a significantly increased amount of exhibitor space than I recall from past years -- including a swank "skylight" room on the 7th floor of the Puck building...
Jeffrey Brown’s ‘Incredible Change-Bots’
Top Shelf Productions is one of my absolute favorite publishers in comics. I can't believe that it's their 10th anniversary, which is quite the accomplishment. I was looking around their website the other day when something caught my eye. We've been talking about the impending Transformers movie quite a bit, but The Incredible Change-Bots by Jeffrey Brown takes us back to a time when robots in dis