Jesus Merino

What Do We Lose When A Comic Doesn't Have Its Own Artist?
Recently, the subject of rotating art teams in superhero comics reached a tipping point, and people have started to wonder if the concept does more harm than good in the long run. With double-shipping in superhero comics becoming more prevalent and artists’ contributions are becoming seen as interchangeable, it’s important to stop and ask: Are rotating artistic creative teams good for comics in the long-run, or does it start us down a path of recognizing the writer’s contributions as inherently more important to the finished product?
A Celebration Of Freedom: Miracle Monday Through The Years
It’s the third Monday in May and you know what that means… Good Miracle Monday, everyone! Today of course marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of when Superman defeated the great and powerful C.W. Saturn, and the people of Metropolis learned the meaning of joy. Although our collective memory of that monumental day remains hazy, throughout the world humanity celebrates with a day dedicated to friends, family and recreation and --- if it brings happiness --- reflection. The holiday first appeared in Superman: Miracle Monday, a novel by Elliot S. Maggin, published in 1981, which follows a time-traveler named Kristin Wells from the 29th century who journeys back to discover the origin of the holiday and accidentally becomes wrapped up in its very events. While Miracle Monday has become a holiday for Superman fans in the vein of April 27th for Alien fans or May 4th for Star Wars lovers, it remains a fairly obscure piece of the franchise's history that has only been referenced on a handful of occasions.
The Flash Goes Directly To Jail In 'The Flash' #50 [Preview]
I believe pretty firmly that Barry Allen should be locked up in a jail, but if we're being honest with each other, that's less because of anything he's done and really just comes down to the fact that I grew up in the '90s and have a pretty strong attachment to Wally West. But even though they might not agree with my reasoning, the Central City Police Department certainly agrees with my conclusions. When Flash #50 hits shelves next week, it's opening with the Flash being arrested --- and he's being brought in by the Rogues.
DC Rebirth: All The Teams and Announcements From WonderCon
DC Comics hosted a special livestream event at WonderCon in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon to unveil the creative teams behind its DC Rebirth event, which relaunches the entire DC Universe line with new issue #1s and multiple double-shipping titles. The relaunch will set the future course of DC Comics at a time when fans are wondering whether the company will embrace a new and diversifying audience or double down on serving a shrinking core audience. The event was introduced by DC All Access host Tiffany Smith, with DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio and chief creative officer and Rebirth chief architect Geoff Johns introducing and interviewing the creative teams as they joined them on stage at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Orlando, Merino And Shaner Go Exclusive With DC Comics
It looks like the old exclusive wars of the late 2000s are back on, as DC Comics have announced today the signing of three new top-tier names to their roster of exclusive talent. Steve Orlando, Evan “Doc” Shaner and Jesus Merino have all reached agreements with DC Entertainment to work solely on books for DC and Vertigo. This announcement follows a previous sweep of signings that included Omega Men’s Tom King, Poison Ivy’s Clay Mann and Harley Quinn’s John Timms. With convention season heating up, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more names announced as the year goes on.
DC To Launch Weekly Series 'The New 52: Futures End'
Though weekly series were recently a major part of DC Comics' plans, the publisher took a few years off from them to focus on its New 52 initiative. Now, more than two years into the new DC Universe, the company is returning to the format with perhaps its most significant attempt at weekly comics yet. On the heels of the recently announced Batman: Eternal year long weekly series, this morning DC
The New Superman Titles Are Here, Grant Morrison on ‘Action Comics’
After yesterday's announcements, there were only four titles left out of DC's 52 new #1s, and it wasn't difficult to figure out what they'd be: Action Comics, Superman, Superboy and Supergirl. Namely, the four main Super-titles. And so, led by the prodigious talent of Grant Morrison, this morning, DC announced their creative teams and solicitations...