R.I.P. Joe Simon: Remembering One of Comics’ Most Iconic Creators
Joe Simon, the comic book writer, artist and editor best-known as the co-creator of Captain America, died yesterday at the age of 98. The Rochester, New York-born Simon began working in the just-emerging field of comic books in 1939, the dawn of the Golden Age, after first working for several New York newspapers and for Paramount Pictures in New York...
The Strange History of Jack Kirby’s Three Thors
With Thor hitting movie theaters this week, there's been a recent surge of interest in Marvel's Mighty Avenger, but one of the most interesting pieces of information about the character was uncovered this week by the Jack Kirby Museum. It goes without saying that Marvel's modern take isn't the first version of Thor, but as it turns out, he's not even the first version who owes his creation to Jack
Jack Kirby and Joe Simon BUY YOUR DREAMS
Long before Jesse Reklaw was turning people's dreams into comic strips in Slowwave, Captain America creators Jack Kirby and Joe Simon were actually BUYING PEOPLE'S DREAMS and turning them into comic books for 'The Strange World of Your Dreams...