John Stanley

Putting the 'Comic' in 'Comic Book': A Tribute to John Stanley
While the word “comic” is right there in the name, the medium of comic books is more often associated with action, or maybe melodrama, than it is with humor. But one man, John Stanley, brought humor to comics in the middle decades of the 20th century in ways that no one before ever had, and that few have matched since.
Now Girls Allowed: Celebrating the Impact of Little Lulu
Little Lulu is a truly iconic figure in the world of cartoons. At her peak in the 1950s, she towered over Times Square, broke down gender stereotypes, and was read by millions in comic books and newspapers around the country --- a massive level of success that was achieved through the dedication and vision of her creator, Marjorie Henderson Buell, a woman who navigated the treacherous waters of the publishing business and kept full control over her signature character.