Kathy Kane

Give 'Em Elle: There's No Such Thing as Organic [Pride Week]
Should queer characters be introduced "organically" into stories? The word started being tossed around in this context last year, after SlashFilm asked asked Kevin Feige about the possibility of including gay characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he said he'd like to find "an organic, meaningful and natural way for that to happen." But is anything in fiction ever done "organically"?
Find Out All About Kathy Kane As DC Dishes On Batwoman’s Secret Origin
Ever since Kathy Kane made her comic book debut in the pages of DC's fill-in-the-gap year that was "52," fans have been beside themselves trying to figure out just where the heck she came from and why she'd donned the mantle of the bat. Well, according to DC's The Source blog, today is the day for fans to read up on the new Batwoman's secret origin in the pages of "Detective Comics&