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Comics' Sexiest Female Characters (From A Queer Perspective)
The problem with "sexiest women in comics" lists is that they tend to get wrapped up in the presumptive male gaze and the assumption of a male readership. Basically, you end up with a bunch of sexist ideas about what men want women to be. So we wondered, what would such a list look like if the male gaze was taken out of the equation? We gathered some of our queer female and non-binary writers to nominate, vote for, and write up our own list of the hottest female characters in comics, from a queer perspective.
GLAAD Media Awards Announce Shortlist For Outstanding Comic
The GLAAD Media Awards have always provided an interesting marker for the progress of queer representation in mainstream comics. While in the past many comics received nominations and accolades for achieving minimal levels of inclusion, the industry is now bustling with competition for the award, which celebrates LGBTQ characters and themes in comics. This year's shortlist is the biggest one yet, and the field is wide open for anyone to take home the coveted award.
Punk Is About Family: Visaggio & Donovan Talk 'Quantum Teens'
Quantum Teens Are Go is Magdalene Visaggio's follow-up to her breakout Black Mask Studios hit Kim & Kim, with Constantine: The Hellblazer artist Eryk Donovan. It's a teen drama, a sci-fi story, an action adventure --- just every cool genre thrown together into an entirely awesome, bright kinetic comic! With the series premiering next month, ComicsAlliance sat down with Visaggio and Donovan to discuss the past, present, and future of Quantum Teens are Go.
Visaggio And Donovan To Launch 'Quantum Teens Are Go'
In what seems to be a relatively short space of time, Magdalene Visaggio has become one of the most sought after creators in comics, with the series Kim & Kim wowing readers, and an upcoming backup in Young Animal's Shade The Changing Girl among her credits. Black Mask Studios seems to know talent when it sees it, as the publisher has snapped her up for three new titles, including a sequel to Kim & Kim, and a brand new series titled Quantum Teens Are Go with artist Eryk Donovan.
Great Comics for Trans and Nonbinary Youth
To mark Trans Week of Visibility, ComicsAlliance has put together a list of great comics for younger readers featuring transgender or nonbinary characters. These are comics that are suitable for a wide range of ages, and come from a wide array of genres, from fantasy to electro-pop to superheroes to slice-of-life --- so there should be something for everyone. If you're a young trans or nonbinary comics reader, or if you know someone who is, or if you just want to read some amazing comics, these are our recommendations!
Cast Party: Who Should Star in a 'Kim & Kim' Movie?
It's Sci-Fi Week on ComicsAlliance, and I'm celebrating with more Cast Party than usual, with a science fiction theme. For this one, I'm focusing on Kim & Kim, the Black Mask sci-fi comic written by Magdalene Visaggio, with art by Eva Cabrera and colors by Claudia Aguirre.
Space Travel And Rejecting Norms: Keeping Up With 'Kim & Kim'
Kim & Kim #2 is out today from Black Mask Studios, written by Magdalene Visaggio with art by Eva Cabrera and colors by Claudia Aguirr, and after reading the new issue, I couldn’t wait any longer to offer my thoughts about the series so far, and what makes it stand out from the current crop of comics.
Magdalene Visaggio On Friendship & Worldbuilding in 'Kim & Kim'
Debuting in July from Black Mask Studios, Kim & Kim is a rollicking science fiction adventure comic about two young queer women working as dimension-hopping interplanetary bounty hunters. It's written by Magdalene Visaggio, drawn by Eva Cabrera, and colored by Claudia Aguirre, and it promises to be one of the breakout debuts of 2016. ComicsAlliance sat down with Visaggio to talk about sci fi settings, character-building, and that whole messy queer representation thing.