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Lady Deadpool Lives Again With Kotobukiya's New Bishoujo Statue
Marvel's Deadpool is so insanely popular he got his own team book full of other Deadpools. That's a real thing that happened. One of those Deadpools just so happened to be his female incarnation from another dimension, Wanda Wilson. She's got all the abilities and powers of the standard 616 universe's Deadpool, minus the horrible recurring cancer (hers was completely healed). As such, she's actually not a scarred mess under the mask. She boldly sacrificed herself to save the universe from Galactipool, who was part of a massive evil Deadpool invasion of sorts. Now her memory can live on thanks to Kotobukiya and its bishoujo line.
Gallery: Kotobukiya SDCC '15 Announcements
It's easy to get lost in the sea of companies offering statues, figures and other collectibles at San Diego Comic-Con, but it's awful hard to miss Kotobukiya's bright green banners wherever it sets up. With a display full of statues, the company's SDCC 2015 showings introduced new items a range of sizes and from a variety of licenses.
Hasbro To Deliver ‘Deadpool Corps’ Action Figure Box Set In A Taco Truck At SDCC
If you're looking for Hasbro's exclusive 3.75" Marvel Universe Deadpool Corps box set this July at San Diego Comic-Con, you won't just be looking for Booth #3329, you'll be looking for a taco truck. Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Champion of the Universe, Kidpool, Dogpool and Squirrelpool are getting served up to fans in taco shell style blister packs, boxed inside a cardboard tray that rides inside DP's "El Guero Taqueria."
Mary H. K. Choi Goes Crazy With ‘Lady Deadpool’ [Interview]
With a Deadpool movie on the horizon in 2012, there's no lack of the Merc with a Mouth lately in Marvel Comics, as the wise-cracking assassin gives even Wolverine a run for his money as the most omnipresent character in the Marvel U. He's even inspired his own family of 'Pools: Dogpool, Kidpool, Headpool, and of course, Lady Deadpool...
Marvel Previews ‘Lady Deadpool’ #1 One-Shot
While a character's actions define them as heroes, villains or anti-heroes, the motivations behind those behaviors are ultimately what makes them compelling to read about. Spider-Man spins webs out of a sense of responsibility, the Punisher snuffs out crime to avenge his lost family and Lady Deadpool...