Lego Marvel Super Heroes

‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes’ Adds Doctor Doom, Howard The Duck, Elektra, More
The ink is barely dry on all the reviews of the new Lego Marvel Super Heroes game coming out of Comic-Con International in San Diego, but developer TT Games isn't letting that stop them from announcing a slew of new characters that will be appearing: Beast, Curt Connors, Doctor Doom, Elektra, Gambit, Green Goblin, Howard the Duck, the Invisible Woman, Juggernaut, Kingpin, Magneto, the Punisher, th
‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes’ Brings All The Blocky Fun Fans Are Looking For [SDCC 2013]
One of the weirdest things about an era that brought us stuff like Arkham City is that some of the most fun superhero games you can find are really just big weird adventures starring a bunch of building blocks. And yet, here we are, with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on the horizon, promising to take players on a journey across the Marvel Universe with a huge cast of characters that will see as much de

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