Letter Columns

The Best Comic Book Letter Columns
I've had my difficulties with the actual content of comic book letter columns in the past, but I'm not gonna lie: I love those things, and my favorite part is the clever titles. Occasionally you'll find one that doesn't really work that well -- I love the Punisher, but "Punishing Mails" is about as lazy as you can get -- but there are dozens of incredible, pun-filled letter column titles out there. And to prove it, I've picked out 25 of the best​.
Comics Fans React Angrily To Batman’s Reboot… In 1987
Back before the dawn of the Internet, the only place for an angry fan to publicly complain about the comics they were reading was in the letter columns of those same comics. It's a phenomenon we've talked about before, but today, iFanboy put a hilarious spin on it by highlighting one reader's irate reaction to a comic that, almost 25 years later, is regarded as one of the best Batman stories of a