The Image Comics Show [NYCC 2011]
Image Comics hosted its traditional "Image Comics Show" presentation at New York Comic Con to highlight several new and upcoming series and give a large panel of creators and opportunity to promote their new books. Among those in attendance were Blair Butler, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Joshua Williamson, Justin Jordan and Landry Walker...
Cupid Gets Megalomaniacal in Dennis Hopeless and Kevin Mellon’s ‘Lovestruck’ This September [Preview]
Humankind's been asking this question since its inception, but the poet Haddaway phrased it best: What is love? Is love biological or spiritual or both? Can it be quantified like a fighter's power levels in Dragon Ball Z? The team of writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Kevin Mellon (and cover artist Erik Jones) don't aim to burden you with these philosophical buzzkills, but they'll still be on your