Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Might Direct the ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel
The DC Extended Universe may have lost Ben Affleck as a director (and maybe as a star too), but Warner Bros. is looking to gain another big name for its roster. The studio is currently courting Mel Gibson to helm the Suicide Squad sequel, which is definitely not a sentence anyone expected to write today.
Mel Gibson Almost Played Wolverine In An X-Men Movie
The image below may look like something from one of the stranger, more celebrity-obsessed corners of DeviantArt, but it is not. It is real. Frighteningly real. See, back in 1997, when the success of Braveheart was still fresh in everyone's mind (and three years before the X-Men would get the big-screen treatment), Mel Gibson was approached to play Wolverine on film. Obviously, this never actually