#fourcomics: Jim Zub Unleashes A Wave Of Comics Nostalgia
Skullkickers and Wayward author Jim Zub launched a simple hashtag late on Wednesday that turned the comics Twittersphere into a museum of childhood memories, with fans and creators sharing '#fourcomics' that influenced them growing up. With fans of varying ages and experiences sharing issues and series that shaped them as kids or that still influence them today, the hashtag quickly became one of the top trending topics of conversation on Twitter. ComicsAlliance has collected some examples from comic writers, artists, and cartoonists, but anyone with a Twitter account can contribute their own four comics that shaped them by using the #fourcomics hashtag, and anyone can check out the hashtag to see what everyone is posting. Warning: You will be transplanted back to your earliest comic book memories and feel an irresistible urge to go digging through longboxes for your worn-out favorite comics.
James Tynion IV And Eryk Donovan Discuss 'Memetic'
Later this month, BOOM! Studios will release the first issue of Memetic, an oversized-format, three-part limited series by the team of James Tynion IV (Batman Eternal, The Woods) and Eryk Donovan (The House In The Wall) with colorist Adam Guzowski that puts a distinctly modern spin on classic apocalyptic fiction formulas. The title is an adjective referring to memes -- self-replicating ideas or entities that start with an individual before spreading to more people and across various media. The story of Memetic is kicked into motion by the unleashing of the kind of adorable animal image many of us have seen and shared. In this case, it's "Good Times Sloth," and it becomes the most viral piece of internet content in history. Unfortunately, Good Times Sloth turns out to be weaponized meme that leads straight to the end of the human world as we know it. It's a fascinating and unique concept, and to get a bit more insight, we spoke to Tynion and Donovan about the project's inception from initial idea to finished product.
Parting Shot: Sh*t Comic Book Nerds Say [Video]
After rounding the bases through girls, black girls, white girls to black girls, vegans and even Wookies, The "Sh*t Say" meme finally makes its way to the world of comic books, with predictable and fairly on point results. If you've ever spent any significant amount of time in a comic shop or a superhero comics message board, you've probably heard the vast majority of these at least on
The Pepper Spray Cop Makes His Way into Comic Book History [Humor]
By now, most people have seen the video of UC Davis police officer Lt. John Pike shooting pepper spray in the faces of passive, seated student protesters over the weekend; cell phone footage of the incident quickly went viral, transforming Pike not only into an instant symbol of police brutality and a flashpoint for criticisms about how force is used against protesters engaged in peaceful civil d
Rage Comics Allstars Perform Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
While we spend a lot of time discussing the always imminent doom of the American comic book industry, we tend to forget that the medium of comics -- sequential storytelling, words married with pictures -- continues to thrive in numerous contexts, not the least prevalent of which is the Internet...
Harley Quinn as Robin: A Meme of Madness
Whence she came, none will tell. Whither she goes, none can say. There is only one thing that everyone knows for certain. She keeps Batman awake at night. The idea of Harley Quinn somehow becoming Robin worked its way onto the internet, caught on among fans, and resulted in Robley Quinn; the ultimate bat-mashup...
Kanye Visits ‘Laugh Out Loud Cats’
Before this meme totally plays itself out -- too late? -- here's the pseudo-olde timey comic "Laugh Out Loud Cats" jumping on the Kanye bandwagon with their take on the interrupting hip hop star. Given the fact that "Laugh Out Loud Cats" is itself based on an internet meme, it seems somehow appropriate...