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Rafael Grampa Absolut Vodka Commercial [Video]
I'm not sure how we missed this, as it's been up for over a week and it stars one of our favorite artists, but Rafael Grampá is featured in two Absolut Vodka commercials, and in them he comes off just as chill as you'd hope. Not only that, but in one -- titled "Rafael Grampá's Story" -- he discusses the origins of one of his projects, his work before comics, and his desire to "find
Rafael Grampa: An Up and Coming Comics Superstar
Rafael Grampá debuted in the American comics market with 2008's "Mesmo Delivery," which is the kind of work that causes jealousy in veteran artists and rookies alike. Grampá's fantastic lines, interesting layouts, and punchy script was enough to instantly make him a capital-N Name amongst those in the know, including Matt Fraction, superstar writer of "Uncanny X-Men" and &quo
Rafael Grampa On the International Appeal of ‘Mesmo Delivery’
When it comes to comics, Brazilian artist and graphic designer Rafael Grampá doesn't settle for thinking locally - he creates globally. From his trucker thriller release through Dark Horse, "Mesmo Delivery" (actually the book's second go around in America) to he and Daniel Pellizzari's upcoming "Furry Water and the Sons of Insurrection," the creator has gained the attention fro
Rafael Grampa’s ‘Mesmo Delivery’ Coming In February
Making deliveries isn't always a cakewalk. Between point A and B, a lot of uncontrolled variables can keep a package from its destination. If you're one of those variables in Rafael Grampá's upcoming "Mesmo Delivery," then may the comic book gods have mercy on your inky soul. At t...