Charles Forsman 'TEOTFW' Interview
Charles Forsman’s recently concluded 16-part miniseries The End of the F**king World (or TEOTFW in Fantagraphics’s upcoming bookstore-friendly collection) is a rare bird, especially in today’s near-completely Balkanized comic book market; a genuine crowd pleaser.  I’ve worked in comic book shops since before I started high school, and what pains me the most consistently about the otherwise deligh
Mini-Comics Day 2013 Coming March 24
One of the best things about the comics medium is its relatively low barrier to entry for storytellers, tool-wise. All anyone needs is a pencil or pen and some paper to translate what's in their imagination to the page, after all. Annual events like 24-hour Comic Day and Hourly Comic Day serve as healthy reminders of this each year, and while they've passed until 2014, Mini-Comics Day is coming o