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10 Superhero Movies That Should Definitely Get Made!
Superhero movies are big business these days, and with so many major heroes already either on screen or making their way within the next few years, the number of top tier characters for feature films is dwindling. But that doesn't mean there aren't some great characters out there waiting for their moment in the spotlight. In fact, some amazing heroes have been forgotten or overlooked. In this list we look at ten obscure, unlikely, or downright quirky Marvel and DC heroes that we believe truly could make a successful transition to the big screen, if given the right approach.
'Arrow' Season 5 Ups Echo Kellum's Curtis Holt to Regular
Arrow Season 4 may not have revealed the mystery occupant of that grave flash-forward (fingers crossed, Wednesday!), but at least one cast member’s workload will only increase for Season 5. Following a terrific debut, Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt will officially join Team Arrow for Season 5 as a series regular.