‘Marvel Heroes’ MMO Launches, Reveals Opening Cinematic, Prequel Story [Video]
The day many gamers have been waiting for since 2011 is finally here as Gazillion's free-to-play Marvel Heroes MMO helmed by David Brevik and written by Brian Michael Bendis launches worldwide. CA's had a chance to play early versions of the game a few times over the past year or so, with both Andy Yen and Chris Simsresponding positively to its beat-em-up qualities and diversity between playable characters, but today the title introduces fans to its opening cinematic, which explores a little more of the game's sprawling plot. The verdict? Uatu the Watcher seems pretty stressed out about what's about to go down.
Parting Shot: The Weirdly Psychedelic ‘Concrete’ Motion Comic from 1992
These days we'd probably call it a "motion comic," but back in 1992 when Dragonfly Entertainment adapted Paul Chadwick's Concrete story "Watching a Sunset" into animation, they referred to it as a "video portfolio." It involves a lot of pixelated waves and trippy music as Concrete decides to take a walk and hang out at the bottom of the ocean (he's made of stone, reme

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