New Years Eve

Bizarro Back Issues: Cheryl Blossom Exists In Defiance Of God
As we approach the end of 2015, I thought it would be a nice time to head back into the archives and find a good story about New Year's Eve and all the good tidings that go with it. There aren't as many as there are for Christmas or Halloween But there's a funny thing about going to look for holiday stories. Sometimes, you find a story about Auld Acquaintances, resolutions, countdowns and all that stuff. And sometimes, you find a story that takes an inexplicable second act twist into mud-wrestling and then reveals that Cheryl Blossom exists in defiance of God Himself. Which, if we're being honest, wasn't actually all that surprising.
Bizarro Back Issues: Batman's Deadly New Year! (1972)
Last week, one of the questions that came in for my Ask Chris column came from someone who was curious about how Batman celebrated New Year's Eve, and really, that's a pretty interesting question. I mean, we have plenty of comics, cartoons and even one goofy-ass movie about how he spends Christmas, but stories that address whether or not he watches the ball drop and toasts a cup of kindness are significantly harder to come by. Fortunately, we have Batman #247, a classic from the Bronze Age that addresses exactly this question. As it turns out, Batman spends his New Year's Eve punching out criminals. What the hell did you think he was going to do?
Spider-Man To Swing Into Times Square As 2014 Roars In [Video]
2013 was kind of a rough year for Peter Parker. In the comics, he spent most of it quite dead, while Otto Octavius swung around in his body as the Superior Spider-Man. On Broadway, producers announced that his musical, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is coming to a close in January. Will 2014 shine brighter for the old Web-head? Well, it's starting with a bang, at least. As a promotional stunt for T
ComicsAlliance Classic: Comic Book Cocktail Recipes For Your New Year’s Eve Party!
It's the end of the year, and that means that it's once again time for New Year's Eve: The Drinkingest Holiday of All! It's not just popping the champagne at midnight that makes it the tipsiest night of the year, it's the fact that parties built entirely around the twin themes of celebrating and getting ready for new things make the perfect opportunity to try out a few brand new, largely untested
New Year’s Eve in Ecuador Means You Can Set Your Favorite Characters on Fire
Burning effigies isn't always associated with good cheer, but on New Year's Eve in Ecuador, setting dummies known as "años viejos" ablaze is all just part of a celebration capping Earth's latest successful spin around the sun. Ricardo Bohorquez has captured some of the more massive años viejos on the streets of Guayaquil with stellar photos detailing their construction from wood, paper a

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