The Avengers Team With Pokemon In Pairings By FerioWind [Art]
As much as we've enjoyed imaging our own Pokémon/Marvel Comics mahsups here at ComicsAlliance, there are always more skilled artists embracing their mutual fandoms to celebrate. Take Feriowind, who has coupled the stars of The Avengers movie with adorable pocket monsters in a series of illustrations you may love with all your heart (gold) and soul (silver). The A...
Coin-Op Classics: Capcom’s Awesome 1993 ‘Punisher’ Game
Video games based on comics have always been a pretty risky proposition. For every Arkham City, there are two or three Superman 64s out there making life hard on anyone who just wants to punch out super-villains. That's why we here at ComicsAlliance believe that the good ones should be celebrated, and why we think that it's finally time to put the spotlight on one of the most underrated classics
‘The Avengers’ Movie Poster Remix: The Goofiest Costumes
In the afterglow of The Avengers movie's prosperous opening weekend, it's easy to picture the team in their movieverse attire -- especially since it's inspired by the most recognizable components of their comic book costumes. Not every outfit donned by Earth's Mightiest heroes fits into that design equation, however...

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