Norman Osborn

Vote for the Next Marvel Action Figure Exclusive: Archangel, Ms. Marvel or Norman Osborn
Stop me if you've heard this one -- you love action figures. You're interested in creating your very own toys, but you just don't have the necessary skill set to bring your ideas into reality. If that's the case, Marvel Comics is offering you with a decent alternative: the opportunity to help them decide upon the next Marvel Universe action figure to be offered exclusively to subscribers of Marve
Hot Ink — Siege: The Cabal, Sweet Tooth #4, Supergod #2, Nuns Without Guns
WHAT'S THE OPPOSITE OF "A SHOCKING TURN OF EVENTS"? - Siege: The Cabal This week Marvel kicks off its next big event with "Siege: The Cabal," the first issue published under the "Siege" banner that leads up to "Siege" #1 next month. Once more we see Norman Osborn's Cabal, a small group of powerful villains that by some miracle was not called the "Dark
Should Captain America Shoot a Guy in the Head?
Thanks to Marvel's steady stream of images promoting the upcoming "Siege" event, it's pretty hard not to think about Thor, Iron Man and Captain America punching people in the face (or being punched themselves). As a mondo thunder god fan, yesterday's images of the Odinson getting pummeled did not thrill me, but I'm pleased to report that today's "Siege" promo is a bit more enco