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'Walking Dead' Boss Debunks Daryl Morse Code Theory?
The Walking Dead isn’t known for elaborate fan-sleuthing (save a dumpster-dive or two), thought it seemed impossibly coincidental that placement of a Morse Code chart and an unusual Rick-Daryl interaction weren’t intentional this past week. Well, sorry to burst your Reddit bubble, but showrunner Scott Gimple says it might just have been a sunny day.
'Walking Dead' Fan Theory: Rick and Daryl Using Morse Code?
We live in an age of fan-theories, where Westworld twists might be unlocked on Reddit after one episode, though as The Walking Dead proved with #DumpsterGate last year, it isn’t always worth the wait. Some clever fans have observed at least one background detail that might put this past Sunday’s “Service” into perspective, however, and tease Rick’s plan to strike back.
'Walking Dead' Negan to Have a 'Strange' Bond With Character
The Walking Dead has only spent the span of a single scene with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, leading one to wonder how Season 7 might flesh out the character after such a skull-splitting entrance. Comic fans have an idea of which character ends up spending time with the new big bad, as showrunner Scott Gimple confirms Negan will develop a “strange respect” for someone on #TeamRick.
'Walking Dead' Season 7: Reedus and Yeun Spotted Near Set
The Walking Dead willfully steered itself into some Game of Thrones-style set shenanigans, knowing that each and every actor sighting would set off a frenzy of speculation as to which cast member will end up on the other end of Negan’s bat, come Season 7. We might be able to cross off Daryl and Glenn, thanks to some off-set Georgia commotion, but let’s investigate, shall we?
New 'Walking Dead' 2016 Premiere Photos: Who Needs a Savior?
The Walking Dead hasn’t traded in too many cliffhangers the likes of 2015 closer “Start to Finish,” creating the expectation blood and viscera will fly within moments of 2016 premiere “No Way Out.” We may have at least one confirmed survivor in the newest photos, while Daryl, Sasha and Abraham continue to stare down their new friends.
'Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Says 'Help' Voice Isn't Glenn
Walking Dead fans have waited upwards of three weeks for news of Steven Yeun’s Glenn after the mysterious conclusion of October’s “Thank You,” while Sunday’s “Always Accountable” ended on a mysterious voice that has many debating its significance. Now, Norman Reedus seemingly confirms the voice seeking “help” wasn’t Glenn, but do we believe him?
'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Trailer Breakdown
As is tradition, this past weekend at Comic-Con 2015 saw The Walking Dead shambling out its first trailer for the new season, and things are only getting bloodier in and out of Alexandria. We couldn’t help diving way deeper into every frame of footage, so what secrets of The Walking Dead Season 6 did we dig up?

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