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Hate Speech And The Fight For Roma Representation
We live in a time when hate speech directed at marginalized people has become too commonplace in public and political rhetoric; a time when the demonization of Muslims, immigrants, transgender people and others masquerades as a defense of security or virtue; when nostalgia for "the good old days" sanctifies a past in which marginalized people were deprived of respect, voice, or power. The fear-mongering of politicians seeps down into everyday conversation, feeding commonplace prejudices. Even so, it's still shocking to hear that sort of rhetoric presented on the stage at a comic convention by one of the industry's most high profile authors, especially at a panel discussing LGBTQ themes in Marvel's X-Men comics. Yet at last week's New York Comic Con, writer Peter David indulged in exactly that sort of hate speech, in this instance directed at one of the world's most easily and persistently scapegoated communities: the Rromani people.
Matt Ryan and Jason O'Mara Shed Light on Justice League Dark
Next year, Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics are bringing a little darkness to the DC Animated Universe. After focusing so long on the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and other household names, the mystical side of the DCU will finally get its due in Justice League Dark. Inspired by the New 52 comic of the same name, the upcoming direct-to-video feature stars Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Etrigan and Swamp Thing as they aid Batman (of course) in ridding Gotham of some demonic forces. We caught up with stars Matt Ryan, reprising his live action role of John Constantine, and Jason O'Mara, the DCAU's resident Batman, as well as supervising producer James Tucker and character designer Phil Bourassa, to talk about Justice League Dark at New York Comic Con.
You Can Build Your Own Ideal Justice League in 'DC Legends'
Have you ever believed you could build a better Justice League roster than the actual Justice League? This November, you'll get your chance. Warner Bros. Entertainment is entering the mobile strategy game arena with DC Legends, a new role-playing game that puts you in control of DC mightiest heroes and deadliest villains. With all the efforts DC is putting into revitalizing its publishing arm, having a tie-in video game (of sorts) makes perfect sense. We saw a bit of DC Legends in action at New York Comic Con, and came away intrigued by what Warner Bros. Entertainment has in store for the DC Universe.
Hasbro's Star Wars Figures Bring Darth Vader Back in Black
Just one week after the special midnight events surrounding the release of Star Wars: Rogue One toys and merchandise, Hasbro's Star Wars Black team was on hand at New York Comic Con to give a glimpse into the future of the line. All eyes are on the upcoming film, and that's where the dominant portion of the new reveals were focused. After the whirlwind of new figures shown off at San Diego Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration, it's a wonder Hasbro had anything new to show at all. It's a good thing there were a few more tricks up those sleeves.
There's Something For Everyone in Marvel Legends' Latest Lines [NYCC 2016]
It wouldn't be a comic convention without Hasbro coming to town to show off its latest and greatest in the Marvel Legends line. It wouldn't be a comic convention without Hasbro coming to town to show off its latest and greatest in the Marvel Legends line. Though you would think the Marvel Legends team wouldn't have much left to show after the deluge of reveals from San Diego Comic-Con, the smattering of new figures unveiled at New York Comic-Con somehow managed to rival the awe of those other newcomers despite the smaller roster. We caught up with Marvel Legends senior design manager Dwight Stall to talk about the announcements, and where the line was headed in 2017 and beyond.
Lego Opens Arkham Asylum and Super Hero High [NYCC 2016]
There are few toys that get the creative juices flowing quite like Lego. Looking at them online gets the blood flowing to the right side of the brain, but seeing them in person is a whole different experience. I can appreciate the sets from publicity stills, but it isn't until I can take in all the nuance of the builds up close that the magic of Lego really hits home. Such was the case at New York Comic Con this past weekend, where the new DC Super Hero Girls and Lego Batman Movie sets were on full display for all the world to see.
Valiant Announces 'Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe' Webseries
Over the course of the past month or so Valiant Entertainment has been teasing the announcement of a project featuring live action actors, but the exact details have been kept under wraps until now. Today at New York Comic Con, the publisher unveiled a new division known as Valiant Digital, aimed at creating digital-first short film content, and debuted the trailer for a blockbuster six-part webseries titled Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe.
Best Cosplay Ever (This Week): NYCC 2016, Part One
As readers will know from our weekly Best Cosplay Ever feature, we’re big fans of cosplay at ComicsAlliance. The comics, sci-fi, gaming, and fantasy communities have proved time and again their exceptional talents for homemade disguises and superheroic sartorial excellence, and all of their craft and skill are on display this weekend at New York Comic-Con. Our chief cosplay correspondent Betty Felon is on hand to document as much of it as she can. Scroll down for some of the very finest cosplay from New York.
'Power Rangers' Teaser Is Packed With High School Drama
After releasing new character posters yesterday, Lionsgate Movies has now unveiled the first look at next year's upcoming Power Rangers film with a teaser trailer that focuses heavily on the high school drama of the teens of Angel Grove, while remaining coy about the big fantastical elements that could be described as recognizably Power Rangers.

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