Harry Potter Obama the Hedgehog #10 Is the Greatest Backpack Ever
Here at ComicsAlliance, our fascination with bootleg merchandise has shown us a lot of crazy things, but today, Batman's bootleg origin can lay down its burden, because we have found the new king of unlicensed merch:
There is so much utter, inexplicable beauty about this thing that I don't even kno…
Obama Fences with Lightsaber on White House Lawn
Having a nerd president is the best. Yesterday Obama was out on the White House lawn for a rally to support his hometown of Chicago in its bid for the 2016 Olympics, an event that included a fencing demonstration where he totally picked up a lightsaber and engaged in mock battle...
Hot Ink — Daredevil #500, Atomic Robo, Ash Saves Obama
ComicsAlliance's Chris Murphy reviews the biggest -- and best -- books coming out this week.
LEAVING ALREADY? Daredevil #500
If tomorrow I were to be crowned high king of all comics, given the royal scepter made from rolled up issues of "Action Comics" #1 printed on solid gold, had Stan L…
Socialist Joker Obama: Signs that Make No Sense
There's a new Obama poster on the streets of LA, and it's significantly less hopeful than the Shepard Fairey one: a Photoshop mashup of Heath Ledger's Joker and President Obama.
There have been suggestions that this is Obama being put in "white face," or being threatened with violence, whic…

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