Oh Joy Sex Toy

Sex is Rad: Should You Be Reading 'Oh Joy Sex Toy'?
Oh Joy Sex Toy began in 2013 with a simple comic reviewing one of the most popular sex toys out there -- the Magic Wand Original, a vibrator of much renown. From there, the comic has spiraled out to cover every subject related to sex in a joyful, informative, and very funny manner.
Comics Alliance Gift Guide: What To Buy For A Queer Comics Fan
These last couple years have felt like a pretty great time to be a queer comics fan. LGBTQ themes in comics have moved from the fringe to (almost?) the mainstream, but that doesn't mean the fringe has stopped doing great things too. Whether you love superheroes, fantasy, drama, or slice of life stories, there's almost certainly a queer comic out there that's perfect for you, or your friend or partner!
Let Erika Moen's 'Oh Joy Sex Toy' Vol. 3 Educate And Amuse You
Erika Moen's popular webcomic Oh Joy Sex Toy has been going strong since 2013, but there's still so much to be learned about sex, bodies, and of course the titular sex toys. For the sake of all of our continuing educations, Oh Joy Sex Toy, Vol. 3 is out in print next week, from Oni Comics' Limerence Press imprint. Co-written by Moen's husband Matthew Nolan, this 312-page book discusses sex from all angles, covering swinging, foreskins, queer porn production and more, in addition to the sex toy reviews that give the comic its name. In fact, this 13-page preview has a lot to teach you about UTIs, HPV, and vaginismus. And they really display how much fun Moen and Nolan can make even the most uncomfortable of topics.
Oni Announces Erotica and Sex Ed Imprint, Limerence Press
Portland-based comics publisher Oni Press is launching a new imprint called Limerence Press, dedicated to erotica and sex education comics. Limerence will focus on "positive, diverse, and approachable stories that reflect a wide variety of emotional and intimate experiences." The first books released under the Limerence imprint will be the first three collected volumes of Oh Joy Sex Toy, the sex education webcomic by by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan.