Peggy Carter

Marvel's Peggy Carter May Be Coming To Television
It's very, very early days, and there are a host of factors standing between the idea and its realization, but maybe, just maybe, there might one day be a Peggy Carter TV show set in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Mmmmmaybe. Deadline reports a rumor that a TV series centered on the World War II secret agent - first seen on screen in Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger - is in early stages of
Link Ink: Monday, September 9 2013
Movies: It looks like Iron Man 3's bonus Agent Carter short won't be the last time fans see actress Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter.   Humor: The One Cam imagines a brutal Avengers/Superman/Batman movie crossover... with a twist! ...
Peggy Carter Returns In Short Film
Spoiler alert for a two-year-old movie and 50-year-old comic: Captain America got preserved in ice near the end of World War II and revived decades later. In comics, we've seen a lot of what happened to the characters Steve Rogers left behind in the 1940s, but what about the movie version Captain America: The First Avenger? Marvel will answer that question, at least in part, with a new short film