Phantom Lady

MVP: The Top Ten Golden Age Heroines
In the debut edition of MVP, we asked for your votes to determine the greatest heroine of the Golden Age of comics, and the votes have now been tallied, giving us a solid top ten of some of the most iconic heroes in comics. While a few of the entrants on the list may come as no surprise, there's one or two entrants who cracked the top ten that could benefit from a modern age revival.
What It Means To Remember African-American Artist Matt Baker
There is a hesitation in calling something or someone the ‘first.’ More often than not, there are too many unknowns, too many what-ifs, too many complications for us to arrive at that designation with any certainty. We call Matt Baker “the first known African-American artist to find success in the comic book industry.” Today is the anniversary of his birthday and it presents us with a lot of questions.