Michael Lombardi's Superhero Pin-Ups Are A Delight
I have seen a lot of great art from a lot of great artists over the years, but I'm pretty sure that Michael Lombardi was the first to add a caption encouraging people to be more like Aquaman. I mean, if anything, I tend to favor art that advises people to be as unlike Aquaman as humanly possible. I don't even own an orange shirt. That is how dedicated I am to this. And yet, Lombardi's beautifully
Bill Pressing Draws Nazis Being Beaten With Wrenches
Pinup art is always a risky proposition. The balance between fun and sexy and exploitation is a tricky one to walk -- and pretty subjective when you get right down to it -- but when it works, it can be absolutely fantastic. And fortunately, artist Bill Pressing can walk that line better than most. With his art, Pressing not only provides a calendar of "Horoscope Hotties" and a sexy matry
The 7 Most Dubious Drawings of Greg Horn
Earlier this week, we brought you a look at a pieces by popular cover artist Greg Horn, in which a ridiculously cleavage-y Catwoman lapped up milk from a bowl in an alley on her hands and knees while making constant, genuinely disturbing eye contact with the viewer, no matter where you were in the room. Reactions among the staff were pretty mixed -- assuming you consider eyebrow-raising disapprova
Darwyn Cooke’s Dangerously Good Looking Ladies [Gallery]
When Darwyn Cooke draws women, he may not always use the same sensibilities as the J. Scott Campbells or Todd McFarlanes of the world, but his secret art powers lie in his vintage charm. The "The New Frontier" creator has years of convention sketches floating around in the wild, and if you're lucky enough to have one, you may be aware that he can make almost any character concept look li
First Look at Steven Sanders’ Anime and Fetish Inspired Pin-Ups [EXCLUSIVE]
Now that Kieron Gillen and Steven Sanders' "S.W.O.R.D." run has wrapped, fans may be wondering where the quasi-controversial Beast re-designer will turn up next. While the wheels are turning on the artist's next paneled project, Sanders has taken a short sabbatical of sorts to clear his head and experiment illustrating subject matter he had previously shied away from...