The Poem That Won Starlog's Contest To Meet Batman
Of all the strange habits that my friends have, combing through back issues of Starlog on the Internet Archive is probably at the top of the list in a walk. Occasionally, though, sifting through promo pieces for V and Alien Nation turns up something gold, which is exactly what happened this week. While reading the November, 1988 issue of Starlog, Andrew Weiss came upon a contest that offered readers a trip to London to visit the set of Tim Burton's Batman '89. All you had to do was write in and explain why you wanted to meet Batman.
Grant Morrison’s ‘Alternity’ Spoken Word Performance [Video]
It's relatively rare that we get so pure a dosage of Grant Morrison as that seen in a new video released this week by artist Steven Cook, known to comics fans for his illustrations and logo designs in 2000AD, American Virgin, and The Losers, as well as sleeve artwork for bands including Asian Dub Foundation and William Orbit...
Superhero Poetry Anthology Accepting Submissions
While poetry doesn't often crossover to comics -- save the occasional Neil Gaiman epigraph -- there are a few exceptions. Like the anthology that editors Andrea Reid and Maya Jewell Zellerare currently compiling titled "Between Saviors and Villains: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry Inspired by American Superheroes," and you can submit between 3-6 poems to them for consideration... Rea