Post It Notes

Post-It Note Monsters: The Best Use of Office Supplies Ever
On the header on his website, Danish artist John Kenn describes himself thusly: "I have a set of twins and not much time for anything. But when I have time I draw monsterdrawings on Post-It notes."
That's not all that out of the ordinary; at my old job we were constantly doodli…
Life in ‘Post-It Note Stories’
If ever there were a more useful application for Post-its (or, if you're cheap like me, their generic equivalents) than passive-aggressive intra-office work dumps and reminders, the Webcomic anthology "Post-it Note Stories" is it.
Featuring stories from a roundtable of sequential artists, e…
Lois Lane Rebounds to Normal Dude in Post-It Note Cartoon
It often seems that Superman's only fault is that he's too perfect, and in the Post-It story "Man Not Superman," that's exactly what drives Lois Lane away from him and into the arms of a doughy everyman.
Drawn entirely on the ubiquitous yellow squares from desk drawers everywhere, the simp…