Post-It Note Monsters: The Best Use of Office Supplies Ever
On the header on his website, Danish artist John Kenn describes himself thusly: "I have a set of twins and not much time for anything. But when I have time I draw monsterdrawings on Post-It notes." That's not all that out of the ordinary; at my old job we were constantly doodling on Post-Its to kill time, creating characters with names like "Hot Pockets...
Life in ‘Post-It Note Stories’
If ever there were a more useful application for Post-its (or, if you're cheap like me, their generic equivalents) than passive-aggressive intra-office work dumps and reminders, the Webcomic anthology "Post-it Note Stories" is it. Featuring stories from a roundtable of sequential artists, each submission delves into the more absurd side of life, which is just the thing to get you through
Lois Lane Rebounds to Normal Dude in Post-It Note Cartoon
It often seems that Superman's only fault is that he's too perfect, and in the Post-It story "Man Not Superman," that's exactly what drives Lois Lane away from him and into the arms of a doughy everyman. Drawn entirely on the ubiquitous yellow squares from desk drawers everywhere, the simple but surprisingly effective story follows Lois' new beau as he deals with her "just friends