Mondo Unveils New Ghost Rider And Storm Posters
Every time I think that our friends at Mondo might be taking a break from putting out art that I want to cover my walls with so that I can never not be looking at something awesome, they go and prove me wrong. This time, they're following up their series of amazing Batman-related art by heading back across the street to the House of Ideas for two new Marvel posters, featuring Ghost Rider and Storm.
Mondo Releases 'DuckTales' Posters
We've written in the past about our love of Mondo's poster series, but these new DuckTales posters might be our favorites (or maybe just Chris Sims' favorites). Celebrating the release of the DuckTales: Remastered video game from Capcom, WayForward and Disney Interactive, Mondo has commissioned four new posters by artists JJ Harrison, Anne Benjamin, Phantom City Creative and DKNG  featuring the de
Olly Moss Illustrates Wrap-Gift Posters For ‘Thor: The Dark World’ [Art]
Artist Olly Moss has been drawing Mondo posters for Marvel's movies for a few years now, so it's no big surprise that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Thor: The Dark World co-producer Craig Kyle took notice of his work. They asked Moss to whip up four posters featuring four of the new movie's lead characters -- Thor, Loki, Odin and Heimdall -- to give the cast and crew as wrap presents.
City Prints Maps Out Your Favorite Comic Book And Video Game Locations
Maybe it's because I read a lot of fantasy novels and played a lot of video games in my misspent youth, but I've always really liked seeing maps of fictional places. I obsess over them, to the point where I could probably still get around Grand Theft Auto 3's Liberty City better than I could navigate sections of my own hometown...

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